Happy Hose Day !


No we aren’t talking about your garden hose! Today is National Hose Day , a celebration of panty hose (yea they have a celebration for just about everything)!

Have you ever thought to yourself what can I do with those old hose I have laying around the house- common thought I’m sure well the answer is both simple and creative, a home made chia pet! Who doesn’t love a chia pet and with spring outside its nice to have some nature inside for those not so pleasant days.
Getting started is quite simple, all you need is a pair of stockings, sawdust, a handful of grass seed and any decorations you may want to add.
You will need to cut the pantyhose and place the seed in the toes of the stocking, then add the sawdust and tie off the open end of the pantyhose. Then it is time to decorate, feel free to get carried away, paint a face to resemble a friend or family member. Make sure that the face is painted so that the toe is at the top of the head- it is the hair after all!!!

If making a chia pet isn’t your thing take a look at some other ways to reuse your pantyhose.


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