6 Simple Ways To Live A Greener Lifestyle

Implementing a greener routine isn’t just better for the environment but it also has the added benefit of saving money and creating a healthier lifestyle.

WilliWaste Recycling

Switch To Cast Iron Pans For Cooking

Nonstick pans have become popular amongst homeowners but these cooking utensils are actually harmful to the environment. Nonstick pans use various chemicals to create a slick-cooking surface. When the chemicals are heated up through cooking, they are released into the air and even into your food. These chemicals break down into harmful compounds that are also linked to heart disease (Source). For this reason, stick to iron pans for your health as well as to be a little greener.

Minimize Holiday Waste

As the holidays draw near, a lot of waste left behind. For instance, the gift-wrap used, holiday lights and decorations produce over 20% more trash and waste during the holidays. According to Prevention, the following are some ways to reduce the waste and be a little greener for the holidays:

  • Recycle your Christmas tree rather than trashing it.
  • Use last year’s paper to warp gifts or even use other materials such as newspaper or fabric you have around your house.
  • Send electronic holiday cards instead of traditional holiday cards.
  • Turn off and unplug your holiday lights during the day.

Use A Compost Pile Or Bin

Not only do compost bins reduce waste by letting you re-use things you would normally just toss out, but they also save you money and help your plants grow better in your garden. Why go out and buy expensive compost when you could be creating your own with things you are throwing out anyway? If you garden at all, it doesn’t make sense not having a compost bin. Invest in one or make your own today to be one step closer to a greener lifestyle (Source).

Avoid Microwaving Plastic

Plastics contain several toxic chemicals that are harmful to our health as well as to the environment. Even plastic ware that claims to be microwave safe may be able to withstand higher heat but still contains harmful chemicals nonetheless. To avoid releasing these chemicals, either refrain from microwaved food or opt for glass instead of plastic.

Donate As Much As You Can

Rather than throwing out old items such as clothing, shoes and jewelry, you can donate these items instead. By some estimates, for every item of clothing donated, 27 pounds of carbon emissions are reduced based on the fact that you don’t another item being produced while one is headed to the landfill (Source).

Use Reusable Cups

In the morning, we are usually in a rush to run over to the nearest café and get a cup of coffee. We buy a cup and throw it away when we are done. However, money, time and the environment could be saved if we started utilizing reusable cups, mugs and water bottles. Most places will offer discounts when you use your own cups and these will cot more up front but save money in the long run. Additionally, temporary cups and bottles are typically made of plastic or styrofoam, which is harmful to the environment and clogs landfills. According to EcoWatch, 50 percent of the plastic we use, we use just once and throw away. Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth four times.

WilliWaste Recycling

For 65 years, WWP has always been first and foremost a recycling operation. Our CT recycling services are well recognized by our customers as leaders in recycling everything from traditional material streams (mixed paper, corrugated, scrap metals, bottles and cans) to highly specialized commodities including special fiber grades, plastics, prepared ferrous and non-ferrous metal grades.


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