What Is Single Stream Recycling?

Connecticut Single Stream Recycling

Single stream recycling allows commercial and residential “green initiative” recyclers to dispose of all recyclables into a single bin, regardless of material type. Everyone could use an extra minute in his or her day. Eliminating the need to sort your recyclables into separate bins by material type will make your recycling efforts easier and time efficient.

Here’s a rundown of what acceptable and prohibited items for WilliWaste’s single stream recycling program:

Acceptable items:

Newspapers and inserts

Magazines / brochures



Paper bags

Paperboard boxes (cereal, egg cartons)

Junk mail

Phone books / catalogs

Hard and soft cover books

White and color paper

Envelopes (window ok)

File folders

School paper

Multi 3 ply paper

Aluminum foil (clean, balled)

Aluminum pots and pans (clean)

Rinsed White, Green and brown glass

Rinsed Tin cans

Rinsed Aluminum cans

Rinsed Juice and milk cartons

Rinsed Plastic milk jugs

Rinsed Plastic soda bottles

Rinsed #1

7 plastic tubs

Screw top jars

Detergent bottles

Empty aerosol cans

Plastic buckets and crates (clean)

Prohibited items:

All other non-

recyclable items

Plastic Bags

Trash/Food Waste/Garbage

Unacceptable Paper

Wax paper, soiled paper, soiled napkins, pet food bags & dryer sheets, shredded paper

Unacceptable Plastics

Non Bottled Plastics (Examples: Garden hose, trash & zip lock bags, cereal box bags, bubble wrap, potato chip bags, single cheese wrappers,

Styrofoam, coolers, straws, silverware

Unacceptable Aluminum

Soiled aluminum foil, soiled tin cans

Unacceptable Cardboard

Soiled pizza boxes & soiled cardboard (examples: Grease, mold, paint)

Unacceptable Glass


glass, plated glass, windshield glass, ceramics, candle glass, drinking glass

Unacceptable Items Miscellaneous

Pillows, clothing items, furniture, sheet rock, wood, yard waste,

electronics, needles & syringes

How Is Single Stream Waste Sorted?

Willimantic Waste Paper sorts single stream waste using its state-of-the-art Bollegraaf single stream system, which is designed and built around the unique needs and requirements of the community and specific materials it recycles. At a rate of over 25 tons per hour, this system processes and separates all recyclables into sellable end products. Our team of environmentally motivated employees collects from your home, business, and other municipalities in Connecticut.

Going Green Has Never Been Easier

Making an effort to go green and improve your recycling efforts will benefit both your personal health, as well as the world around you. Our Connecticut curbside recycling services work parallel with your efforts to create a cleaner and healthier environment. Together we can more efficiently create a more enjoyable community.

Learn more about our single stream recycling services and additional green initiatives today! Contact us here!


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