Spring Cleaning Checklist

Flowers, Sign, Text Spring Cleaning

Bring a new meaning to your spring cleaning!

It’s that time of year again! Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and the fresh smell of spring is in the air! I think we all know what that means; time to start your spring cleaning! But where do you start? What needs to be done? If you’re unsure about where to start your spring cleaning, WilliWaste has the perfect checklist just for you.

  • Throughout the House

Organize closets, donate unwanted items

Remove cobwebs

Dust light fixtures and ceiling fans

Clean window tracks and screens

Clean window blinds

Wash baseboards, door frames and doors

Clean vents

Vacuum and shampoo carpets

  • Kitchen

Get rid of outdated food and spices

Dust top of cabinets and refrigerator

Wash cabinets and tablets

Polish metal hardware

Defrost and clean freezer

Sweep and mop under appliances

Scrub floors

Clean out food trap in dishwasher

  • Bedrooms

Wash curtains/blinds

Wash mattress, bed skirt, and bed covers

Wash pillows

Wax and polish wood furniture

Vacuum under bed

Vacuum closets

  • Bathrooms

Wash shower curtains and liners

Get rid of outdated medicine and products

Clean inside of drawers

Bleach shower and sink

  • Family/Living Rooms

Clean out fireplace

Dust every surface

Polish any wood furniture

Vacuum and clean upholstery

Vacuum under furniture

Clean carpets

Too much cleaning? Time to bring out the trash? Here at WilliWaste we know finding time to get to your local recycling center or transfer station can sometimes be quite difficult. That’s why we try to make disposing of your waste and recycling as easy and convenient as possible. We make this happen by providing our customers with timely and effectual, weekly curbside pickup. All the communities we service are provided with single-stream recycling advantages which allow our customers to put all their recyclables into one bin without having to sort their material. Click Here For More Info!



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