What Are The Benefits Of Single Stream Recycling?

Recycle on worn paper

Simply put, single stream recycling means that all different types of recyclables can be put into the same bin and be sorted out later. You can gather up all of your materials without worrying about sorting them into different bins. The materials are then picked up and sorted at a recycling facility.


With single stream recycling, you don’t have to worry about which item falls under which category. You don’t need multiple bins that you always have to keep track of. Instead, dump all of your recyclables into one bin and we’ll do the rest! Click here for a complete list of recyclable materials.(learn more)

More Participation

When a process is easier, more people do it. Single stream recycling eliminates a lot of the confusion and effort that comes with recycling. With our ultra-efficient process, more people will participate and more items will be collected!

Less Landfill

When more people participate, less waste is created. When you think about it, most items can be recycled. Almost everything you throw away, other than kitchen waste and toxins, can be recycled. When you reuse these materials, we contribute to less landfill, which is better for the environment and the community.

Safer For Workers

Single stream recycling is better for the consumer, but it’s better for the worker too! Automated systems create higher efficiency and better safety for workers. With less of the work being done by hand, the quality and quantity of work increases. Workers are less likely to injure themselves performing certain tasks.

Want to learn more about single stream recycling? Contact us today!


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