How To Teach Your Kids About Recycling

Teach Your Kids How To Recycle

As time goes on, recycling becomes more important to help conserve our environment. It’s important to get kids into the habit of recycling early on, so that they’ll continue these habits in the future. But how do you get your kids interested in recycling? Easy, make it fun! Here’s a few create suggestions how.

Make Personalized Bins

If you have single-stream recycling, you won’t need different bins for different items, so you can make a bin for everyone in the house. Let the kids decorate the bins and make them their own. Then, post a goal chart above the bins. When someone reaches the goal, create some sort of award, like choosing what’s for dinner or a trip to the movies.

Use Recycled Materials For Fun

To show your kids how fun recycling can be, teach them the importance of reusing materials. Turn old bottles into a carnival game, or use other materials for cute arts and crafts. Check out some DIY crafts using recyclables right —-> here.

Make Recycling A Game

Turn the act of recycling into a game. Walk through each room of your house with your kids and see how many recyclable items they can name. When you’re not sure if something is recyclable, do research together! Turning recycling into a game is a great way for kids to learn about recycling and have fun doing it.

Tell Bedtime Stories

Tell your kids bedtime stories that talk about the benefits of recycling. If you’re not the creative type, read them a book that talks about recycling. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax is a childhood favorite that talks about the importance of environmental conservation.

Visit A Recycling Center

Taking a family trip to a recycling center is a great way to teach your kids about recycling. They’ll love meeting the workers and seeing how all of the machines work. It will make the whole process of recycling more real to them and seem more exciting.


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