How to Promote Recycling in Your Workplace

CT Workplace Recycling

Recycling is a great way to reduce waste and help the environment. However, if you’re only recycling at home, there is more that you can do. Recycling in the workplace is important to reduce your business’s waste and encourage every employee to recycle in their own lives. Here are some ways to promote recycling in your workplace.


Teaching everyone why recycling is important is a great way to encourage recycling in your workplace. Learn some facts and statistics about the importance of recycling and the average waste production in a workplace. Put up posters with this information and hold meetings to educate everyone about the importance of recycling. When employees understand the importance of recycling, they will be more likely to participate in order to help the environment.


If you want employees in your workplace to recycle, you should make it as easy as possible. Put recycling bins everywhere to ensure that employees do not have to travel to a far corner of the office to recycle their materials. Use a single stream recycling service so that no separation of materials is required. When you use a single stream recycling service, all recyclable materials can be placed in one bin and a professional service will separate these materials later. Therefore, recycling is done with minimal effort from your employees.


Another great way to encourage recycling in the workplace is to turn it into a competition. Set goals for amounts of items recycled and for waste reduction. Measure these materials and reward individuals or departments who reduce their waste production. When you turn recycling into a friendly competition, employees are more likely to participate because it will be fun.


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