How to Keep Food Out of the Garbage

reduce food waste sign illustration design

The United States creates more food waste than any other country, with about 90% of individuals throwing away food too soon. Additionally, an average of 20% of food we purchase never gets eaten. Throwing food in the garbage is wasteful and can be a drain on your wallet. Read below to learn how to minimize your food waste.

Use All of Your Food

The best way to ensure that you don’t throw away food is to use all of it. Make a list when grocery shopping to avoid unnecessary purchases and plan out each meal, using what you already have. Avoid bulk bargain deals if you’re not going to use the whole package, and pay attention to sell by dates to ensure your food stays fresh for as long as possible. If food in your fridge will go bad soon, cook it in order to save the leftovers for a longer period of time.

Store Food Properly

Storing food properly will keep food from going bad. You should label items that will go bad sooner to ensure that they will be eaten first. Be sure to maintain a temperature in the fridge that is cold enough to maintain freshness. Store produce carefully and properly to prevent bruising and pay attention to packaging to prevent leaking.

Use All Scraps

Be sure to use all food scraps when possible. Use black bananas to make banana bread and turn vegetable scraps into vegetable broth. You can also use the bones from pieces of meat you purchase to make stews and broths.


When food goes bad, it’s important to compost. You should put all inedible food scraps in a compost pile to create fertilizer for plants. Placing food scraps in a compost pile rather than the garbage will create less food waste and help the environment by creating plant food.


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