How to pick the right size dumpster


There are many reasons why you may need to rent a dumpster, but unless you own a construction company chances are good that you don’t do it too often.  Most of the time we take dumpsters for granted and don’t think about where we put our trash. But when you’re doing a special project such as remodeling your home, a big clean out project or even yard work; you never know when you may need to get a dumpster of your own. If you’re a first time dumpster renter take a look at these useful tips…

  1. Know your dumpster sizes

Dumpsters are measured by how many cubic yards of waste they can hold. Some common sizes are 10 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards and even 40 yards – It’s important to understand these measurements are not the outside dimensions of the dumpsters. A cubic yard is three feet wide, three feet deep, and three feet tall. Another way to look at this is to think of the back of a pick-up truck. A pick-up truck bed will usually hold two cubic yards of material. For exact measurements check out

  1. Size up your project

How big is this project really going to be? The size of your project is an important thing to think about before ordering your dumpster.  We certainly do not want to get something too small and have to order another one. In most cases it’s better to go big and have the extra room; we can find more junk to fill the dumpster with.

  1. Ask around!

Surprisingly enough, lots of people have rented a dumpster or have a relative who has rented a dumpster at some point in their life. You can always ask your friends and family if they’ve ever needed a dumpster and how they approached the rental process. They may tell you that you don’t even need a dumpster! Or they could offer to come over and see what you’re looking to accomplish and recommend a size.


Renting a dumpster should be a quick and easy process. If you’re unable to use the tips above to help you make your selection when choosing a dumpster, give a WilliWaste dumpster expert a call at 1-800-286-5335.


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